Lot of people who lock their smartphones may forget the pattern, therefore, we are willing to make this how to post which will show you how to unlock Android phone or tablet. Obviously, pattern lock is mostly used when you have sensitive data or very important or personal files in one’s Android device. We all know that indescribable feeling when you suddenly forget your password or pattern which can force you to reset your Android phone and subsequently you lose all your data and files and they may be very crucial and essential calls or photos, videos … Today, Phones Mag provides you several and guaranteed methods to recover your pattern or password without losing any single file or data !

But remember:

  • We do not allow you to apply these methods on others smartphones to open it and read their files and data or see their pictures.
  • If you are not ready to apply these methods properly, DO NOT USE THEM !
  1. Recover your pattern through your Gmail account that established in your phone.

Internet through Wi-Fi or 3G is required

  • Write five patterns or passwords wrongly and frequently and then a message would be shown embodies an option “Forget Pattern”.
  • Once you click on it you would be obligated to fill some data (E-mail + Password). One more time, we ensure about connecting either by Wi-Fi or 4G.
  • Just right after you fill the spaces you will be able to change your password to the new one.

NB: If you already forgot your Gmail password you can always get it back through herewith a browser.



2. How to unlock your Android phone through PIN

  • Right after you wrote a wrong password or pattern five times, another three options would appear, we chose “Pin number for backup?”.
  • And then we put the number which we already added (more than 8 letters).
  • The Android phones would be opened and asks you to change the password.




What if these methods do not work with you ?

We offer you another method which is a bonus for our followers and visitors. But, remember, this method may delete are your files and apps.

  • Power off your phone.
  • Now press Volume up, power and home button at the same time and wait until your device starts.
  • When you see logo screen release the power button and keep pressed the other two buttons.
  • Now your screen shows android system recovery and there is a list. Use Volume up or down keys to select option from the list. And select factory reset option and then press power button to let the action begin.
  • Now it asks you for confirmation, select “yes”.
  • After factory reset completes, it again shows you android system recovery screen. Now select reboot option and after restart it will not ask you for pattern




Summary: These three methods were the foremost ones about how to unlock Android phone, we are sure If one does not work the other does especially our bonus in this very post about how to unlock Android phone or tablet through several guaranteed methods which we have been working with since years ago. All you need after you unlock your Android phone is to arouse yourself and be ready to remember every little single detail on your smartphone, whatever it is, iPhone, Galaxy, HTC One … to do not get into troubles next time ! We are happy that you solve your problem with your phones and happy as well because we help you ! Let us know what works with you right below in the comments section.

SOURCE: How To Unlock Android Phone